Automatic Analysis Sequence

The sequence of steps in running Automatic Track Counting in FastTracks is as follows:

  1. Set a Region of Interest on each grain using the ROI tool in the Tool Bar.
  2. Select the grains to be counted by clicking in the small box to the left of each grain in the grain list. Select all the grains by clicking on the box at the top of the grain list. Make sure that none of the grains to be counted are locked.
  3. Check the values in the Analysis Settings window. The most important of these are the Minimum and Maximum track areas at the top left pane.
  4. Perform the Automatic Count by pressing the Start Button (red triangle) that runs the image analysis sequence. The analysis can be terminated by pressing the Stop Button (black square) at any stage.
  5. Open the Filters window and examine the upper (black) histogram of track etch pit areas that have been detected over all grains. Adjust the Mode, Min and Max filters as needed to maximise the identification of fission tracks in the overlay.
  6. Perform a final Manual Review using the Count Review tool in the Tool Bar, deleting or adding any features that have been wrongly counted or overlooked by the automatic count routine.
  7. Define the c-axis direction and make any track dimension measurements as needed.
  8. Finalise each grain when the measurement is complete by clicking the small padlock symbol next to each grain, or click the same symbol at the top of the list to lock all grains.