Determining track etch pit size parameters


The track etch pit diameter parameters, Dpar and Dper, can be determined manually or automatically using the relevant tools in the Tool Bar. Automatic tools are located in the left central cluster (defined by small rotating arrow symbols) and manual tools in the right central cluster in the Tool Bar. Automatic tools can only be used once the automatic counting routines have been run and the c-axis direction set.

The Dpar (and Dper) parameters can also be determined automatically by selecting the Automatic Dpar tool. The results will be displayed for single track etch pits which are close to being parallel to the c-axis direction. The angular tolerance for either manual or automatic Dpars are set in the Analysis Settings window and the results to be displayed in the overlay are set in the Display Options window from the Settings Menu. After running the automatic Dpar routine, the track features to which they apply can be limited using the Dpar Filter window, in a similar way to the count filters.