Determining the c-axis direction


The Azimuth direction of the c-axis can be set either manually, using the c-axis Tool in the Tool Bar or using the automatic c-axis tool. The automatic function can be used once automatic counting has been performed and filtered, as above, by selecting the Automatic c-axis tool in the Tool Bar. This will determine the average alignment of the long axes of single track etch pits and overlay a central heavy line terminated by two dots with a series of parallel lines across the entire field of view. Once the automatic c-axis direction has been determined (typically in a few seconds), the manual c-axis tool is active and either of the terminations of the central line can be dragged to adjust the direction if necessary. The same process can be done manually by selecting the manual c-axis tool and dragging out a line anywhere in the field of view in the direction judged to best represent eh c-axis. The same series of parallel lines enable this direction to be adjusted into alignment with the long axes of the track etch pits. Once another tool is selected the parallel array disappears leaving just the central line.