Deleting polishing scratches


If the Detect Scratches option was selected in the Analysis Settings window, then probable polishing scratches may be identified on some of the grains. With the Scratch Review tool selected in the Tool Bar, right-clicking on a ‘scratch’ will show a pop-up menu of options. Select Remove scratch, or Remove all scratches to delete single or multiple scratches respectively on that grain. You can also mark a detected feature as Not a scratch. The automatic scratch detection feature tends to break down at high track densities because of fortuitous alignments of genuine track features. Various settings to define a scratch feature can be set in the Analysis Settings window.

Small numbers of polishing scratch artefacts can also be removed manually using the Count Review tool, or by adjusting the Region of Interest to exclude them. For a large polishing scratch you can select the Region of Interest Tool in the Tool Bar and triple-click where the scratch crosses the edge of the ROI, then dragging along the alignment of the scratch. This is a useful feature of the Region of Interest tool that drags out a parallel band along the scratch, or indeed any other roughly aligned group of features, to exclude then quickly from the count area.